How starting a Life Journal can benefit You

1. Writing Down Experiences Preserves Them

As we get older, sometimes we begin to forget old memories and stories, by writing them down we can preserve them and keep them safe on paper.Additionally, writing them down will help you remember each event and recall memories you may not have thought of for some time. You can also share these stories with family and friends who can also preserve your memories over time.

2. Journaling can relieve Stress 

The act of writing can be therapeutic by exercising your mind and body; you can ease stress and tension built throughout the day. Try transferring all your Stress and worries onto paper and talk to someone about your journal if you still feel any stress in your daily life.

3. Exercising your Brain and improving motor skills

By writing every day, you can improve motor skills and cognitive function. By thinking about what you're going to write your brain is exercising and getting stronger.

4. It Boosts Creativity

A journal doesn't have to be about your day-to-day actions and essential thoughts. It can be used for creative writing such as poetry, to compile photos, to write down recipes you've invented, to keep track of your favorite sports teams' wins and losses … whatever you want. It can serve as your creative outlet, and once you get going, you never know what will happen.

5.A Gratitude Journal 

Writing a journal can be very gratifying or can be used to share your gratitude towards others.

 Make sure to read over your journal entries and see all the

 wonderful work you have created!

Reference :Waltwood retirement living

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