Healthy aging month

September is healthy aging month! This month is dedicated to celebrating life and helping you gain a positive outlook on getting older rather than focusing on the negative aspects! It's not too late to find new passions or hobbies that you enjoy doing. It's time to reinvent yourself!
Think about when you were younger and your best years. What did you like to do? What were you interests? Even though you are getting older you can still do the things you love. You can even find new activities. Do what brings you happiness and don't let anyone stop you!

Here are some things to help make aging a positive experience....

Stay physically active: It's important to get exercise as it will strengthen your bones, muscles, and joints. Going for a walk with friends or going for a swim is a good way to get moving. Being physically active will make you feel good and improve your health.
Exercise your brain: Embrace what you love and never stop learning new things. Engage in activities that requires some thinking. Stay alert by doing crossword puzzles, reading, or writing. 
Stay connected: Maintain your relationships with family and friends. Go out and do things you enjoy with the people you care about. You can also volunteer in the community to stay socially engaged. 
Have regular check ups: Take control of your health by making sure you get the appropriate health screenings and take preventative measures. 
Manage your stress: Find ways to cope with your stress and figure out what triggers it. Learn to relax and just go with the flow instead of letting things affect you negatively.

Accept your limitations, but make positive changes and have fun while doing it. 

"Youth is a gift of nature but aging is a work of art."
-Stanislaw Jerry Lec





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